Vegetarian Barbecue.

Printed: 1987

Publisher: Windward. London

Dimensions 21 × 29 × 2 cm

Language: English

Size (cminches): 21 x 29 x 2

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In the original dustsheet. Binding the same as the dustsheet.

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Vegetarian Barbecue Cookbook: The Ultimate Guide to Vegetarian Grilling Barbecue. Easy and Tasty Meat-Free Recipes to Enjoy with Your Family and

Barbecue is a great way to smoke the vegetables and adds a characteristic flavour to them as well. Slice your veggies and then grill them headlong. You do not need any oil. When they have been thoroughly cooked, you can sprinkle olive oil and vinegar and then the taste is going to take your food buds on a real ride.

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