Selling your items via our website

FBA to Bonafede sellers offer the following web sales facility, which form part of the agreement between us.
  1. FBA will list your product for sale on its website.
  2. To secure a listing, photographs as specified along with a narration is required. FBA reserves the right to condense and verify the probity of your narration.
  3. The charge for listing inclusive of tax starts from just £2.75 per item – this charge enables you to advertise your item for upto 12 months.
  4. When your item sells, you will be paid the value of your item plus our standard postage costs, minus commission due. This is between 10 - 15% depending on the number of items you are selling with us.
  5. It is the seller's responsibility to safely dispatch the goods.
  6. FBA will pay the seller three weeks after the safe delivery of the seller's goods.
  7. The third-party seller binds themselves to FBA's Terms & Conditions.
  8. FBA and the third-party seller bind themselves to the jurisdiction of the English courts.

Register now to start selling

This is where you register to become a third-party vendor on our website. Please complete the form and select a Selling Package to get started.

Still not sure if it's for you? Check out our Vendor's documentation to see what's involved. Do you have a question you'd like to ask before you commit? Contact us here.

Tin Sellers Package

Sell up to 5 items
£4.00 per item/advert
15% commision rate

Bronze Sellers Package

Sell up to 10 items
£4.00 £3.50 per item/advert
15% 14% commission rate

Silver Sellers Package

Sell up to 25 items
£4.00 £3.20 per item/advert
15% 13% commission rate

Gold Sellers Package

Sell up to 50 items
£4.00 £3.00 per item/advert
15% 12% commission rate

Platinum Sellers Package

Sell up to 75 items
£4.00 £2.87 per item/advert
15% 11% commission rate

Palladium Sellers Package

Sell up to 100 items
£4.00 £2.75 per item/advert
15% 10% commission rate

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