Frost Books & Artifacts has a substantial stock of rare, antique, first edition and interesting books for sale. A book can be considered rare if it holds some special features that sets it aside from its printed brothers and sisters. Maybe this book is a first print edition, or a limited print edition. Maybe it has a different dust jacket, or it has additional features inside such as maybe found in the book’s illustrations. Antique books have become increasingly popular amongst collectors and those fascinated by history. Please feel free to browse our stock of modern first edition books, antiquarian and children’s first editions. Also included are many rare books, some of which are signed. We specialise in books from the long 18th century running from the Glorious Revolution of 1688 to the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 or even later.

Frost Books & Artifacts buys and sells rare and collectable books in all fields, especially modern first editions, private press, and antiquarian books on subjects from literature and philosophy to medicine and topography, including early printing and fine bindings.

We will assist you in creating an impressive library collection from an inspiring collection & selection of vintage and antique reading material. You may select books that have an authentic aged appearance. A torn or worn cover adds to the collectable charm. Some large size reference books make a stylish addition to the coffee table. We pride ourselves on selling our books at reasonable prices. Of course, costing is often subjective, and we are happy to discuss pricing. Our promise is to be decent and honest, detailed and accurate, and our customer base trusts that we act in this way at all times. We are also trusted with international sales sent securely and safely.