The Deus Machine.

By Pierre Ouellette

Printed: 1994

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton. London

Edition: First edition

Dimensions 17 × 24 × 4 cm

Language: English

Size (cminches): 17 x 24 x 4

Condition: Very good  (See explanation of ratings)

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In the original dustsheet. Black cloth binding with gilt title on the spine.

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In the near future, an unemployed computer expert named Riley must stop the destruction of DEUS, a supercomputer endowed with the ability to improve itself and create life.

Review: In the year 2005, in the midst of an unprecedented economic depression that has ruined the country and brought the government to the edge of collapse, a renegade genius programs a supercomputer with an artificial intelligence (DEUS) that perpetually reinvents itself–and thereby comes “to life.” But when crooked government insiders intent on making profits through chemical warfare use DEUS for their research, the machine, attempting suicide, spawns an unbelievably terrifying array of mutant life forms that begin to run wild over the earth. It’s then up to an unlikely threesome–computer programmer Michael Riley, his lover, biomedical engineer Jessica and their young friend Jimi–to save DEUS (and the world) from the bloodthirsty and perpetually mutating horde. This first novel by an advertising executive reads like a glossy repackaging of contemporary action-adventure movies ( Terminator ) with video games ( Space Invaders ) and ’50s sci-fi ( Them! ). There’s no mistaking the good guys (man, woman and child) from the bad (homicidal pederast who makes his money in germ warfare). Still, the somber, apocalyptic atmosphere, sensational prose and intensely visual imagery are bound to appeal to science fiction and fantasy fans, particularly those who don’t necessarily mind watching a rerun if it’s worth a good scare.


About the Author – Pierre Ouellette (aka Pierre Davis) entered the creative realm at age 13 as a lead guitarist for numerous bands in the Pacific Northwest, including the nationally known Paul Revere and the Raiders. He went on to play with such jazz luminaries as saxophonist Jim Pepper and bassist David Friesen, all the while composing soundtracks for short films and videos. To support his music habit, he became a freelance writer and eventually co-founded an advertising agency specializing in high technology, serving as its creative director. During this period, he wrote two novels, THE DEUS MACHINE and THE THIRD PANDEMIC, eventually published in seven languages and both optioned for film.

His third novel, A BREED APART was published in 2009 to highly favorable reviews, followed by ORIGIN UNKNOWN, which explores the relationship between neurobiology and evil. He then switched genres to historical crime with BAKERSFIELD, HAIGHT STREET, and A SHOT AWAY, all set in the California music scene between the mid-50’s and the early 70’s. Along the way, he directed and produced THE LOSERS CLUB, a documentary about struggling musicians, which was broadcast on public television and exhibited at numerous film festivals. His current novel, THE FOREVER MAN, will be out this fall. It’s a rewrite of a story he first wrote decades ago set in a futuristic Portland, Oregon beset with political riots, rampant crime, and a massive homeless population. Sound familiar? He is currently researching a work based on a precipitous collapse of the global population. Pierre lives in Lake Oswego, Oregon and still plays an occasional jazz guitar gig, when he feels his chops are up to it.

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