How to Stop Overthinking.

By Chase Hill & Scott Sharp

Printed: 2021

Publisher: Chase Hill.

Edition: First edition

Dimensions 16 × 23 × 1.5 cm

Language: English

Size (cminches): 16 x 23 x 1.5

Condition: As new  (See explanation of ratings)

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Softback. White cover with black title and red and yellow faces on the front board.

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Do you find yourself lying awake at night because you can’t stop worrying about what happened today? Are you constantly second-guessing almost every decision that you are faced with in life? Do your job, friendships or whole life seem to be overwhelming?

By reading this book, you’ll discover how to deal with your fears, overcome negative thoughts, relieve stress, and stop your overthinking for good. What you should expect along the journey of practicing the techniques and strategies throughout this book is to be aware of where your mental chatter comes from, and how to address it. Stop worrying about what you did today and start living in the moment. Stop living for tomorrow and start breathing in the positivity of today. Stop overthinking your future and make big changes to live your future now. We are only ever promised today, so instead of obsessing over what you could have done at that social event or trying to control what you will do in your next appointment, learn to breathe in this moment you have now.

What you’ll learn:

How to Control Overthinking and Eliminate Negative Thoughts in Just a Few Minutes.

10 Powerful Tactics to Stop Worrying Permanently.

How to Sleep Better, Even if Your Head Is Full of Thoughts.

Simple Tips to Develop Self-Confidence and Decision-Making Skills.

How to Remove Toxicity and Change Your Relationships for the Better.

5 Ways to Calm Anxiety (Worrying) in Five Minutes or Less.

Troubleshooting Guide if Nothing Helps.

How to Declutter Your Mind and Become What You Want in Life.

This book will go through the reasons why the way you think now is not beneficial to your being and how positivity can greatly improve your outlook and put yourself in the direction you want your life to go. So, quit being stuck, stop letting your mind trap you, and take control of what you want. There are finally lessons and a structure to get you to where you want to be rather than where you are now. AND, it’s all in this book. Would You Like To Know More? Download this book to get started and turn off your overthinking for good!


“Great advice if you have a problem overthinking & living with too much stress.” – M. Curtis McCoy.

“The things with books is, you could read hundreds of pages and out of them all it’s just one page that changes your life. That’s kinda what’s happening with this one expect 2x over PLUS I haven’t even finished it yet. This is a 10000% must have!” – Shahzaib Wasim.

“I’m halfway through and every page tells me something that o can relate too. I haven’t been so immersed in a book before. I feel there is hope for me yet!

Really good read. Worth getting”  Camarilla

Chase Hill is a Personal Growth, Stress Management, and Social Interaction Specialist, and the bestselling author of How to Stop Overthinking, a book which has hurtled to take Amazon’s #1 Bestseller spot in both the US and the UK.

With a professional background in life coaching and a passion for helping others to unleash their true potential, Chase’s writing is warm and refreshingly honest. His willingness to share personal stories from his own life, combined with his clear style and focused advice, makes it easy for readers to implement changes immediately.

How to Stop Overthinking is the result of a lifetime’s work on implementing positive thinking and healthy boundaries in his own life, combined with his dedication to helping others do the same.

Chase is a certified life coach and social interaction specialist, and has spent over a decade researching psychology, with a focus on mental attitude, emotional resilience, and assertiveness and boundary-setting in the modern world. Chase is an advocate for living the life you want to live, and makes sure to carve out the time for his own passions within his work. When he’s not focusing on helping other people do the same, you might find him traveling the world, producing music, or hunting down his favourite records on vinyl.

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