Formula One and Beyond. Max Mosley.

By Max Mosley

Printed: 2015

Publisher: Simon & Schuster. London

Edition: First edition

Dimensions 16 × 24 × 4 cm

Language: English

Size (cminches): 16 x 24 x 4

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In the original dustsheet. Black cloth binding with gilt title on the spine.

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For almost 50 years, Max Mosley has been involved in motor racing, having seen the sport at all levels: as a driver, a team owner (with March) and, between 1993 and 2009, as president of the FIA, motor sport’s governing body. In partnership with Bernie Ecclestone, he helped transform Formula One into a multi-billion-pound global brand. Now, in this fascinating and revealing memoir, Mosley gives a compelling insight into the sport and its most influential figures and biggest stars – it is a book that no fan of Formula One can afford not to read.

But Mosley’s story goes far beyond motor sport, as his life and career have taken him through an extraordinary range of experiences, from being brought up as the son of Oswald and Diana Mosley, who were interned during the war, and having to deal with the taint of the family name; through his vital campaigns for road safety that have helped to save many thousands of lives; and on to the recent intrusions into his private life that led to a famous court case against the Murdoch press. It is a book that sheds new light on events from Formula One through to Ecclestone’s controversial donation of a million pounds to the Labour party. It is packed with behind-the-scenes gossip, vital business tips and some hilarious stories.

Review: This is a fascinating book and enjoyable to read. Whilst it gives a great insight into the intriguing world of Formula 1 as it evolved into what we see today, the book also covers Max Mosley’s contribution to road car safety and ongoing battle with the press over privacy. The twists and turns in the book certainly kept me captivated! Many of the stories surrounding F1 are amusing, often because of the modus operandi of the characters involved and you do not need to be an avid follower of F1 to enjoy these chapters! Needless to say, some of these people are still at large, which just adds to the value. Sadly, a more serious side to F1 is the danger and tragic loss of life, which Max Mosley witnessed first hand. Whilst the book does not dwell on any single incident unnecessarily, it does set the scene for what motivated many of the decisions and battles that Max Mosley had in his career at the FIA. I should add that whilst his time at the FIA is an important part of the book, his life before and since is equally engaging and the details of which will surprise, interest and be appreciated by many.

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