Air Warfare.

By Peter G Cooksley & Bruce Robertson

Printed: 1997

Publisher: Arms & Armour Press. London

Dimensions 20 × 26 × 3 cm

Language: English

Size (cminches): 20 x 26 x 3

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In the original dustsheet. Green cloth binding with gilt title on the spine.

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Part of a trilogy covering military action in the last 100 years, this reference text provides a chronology of significant events in 20th-century military aviation, describing not only air action, but also new inventions and first uses. Personalities are also included in this book, and there is an A-Z listing of conflicts, equipment, bases, weapons and aircraft types. Also included are national profiles of all countries who have boasted an air force, showing how they equipped and developed it. Completely international in coverage, the book covers all elements of military aviation – machines, people, events and weaponry.

Review: Behind the title “The encyclopedia of 20th century conflict – Air Warfare” hides a very superficial book.

As an Israeli, naturally, I searched for information concerning Israel and the middle east – Arab-Israeli air warfare history.

I found a map concerning Operation “Moked” (the Israeli wipe-off of the Arab air power at the beginning of the Six Day war of 1967) but no description of the operation nor the name of it (in the operation section) were found. I continued with my search going to 1982 looking for information of the major dogfight in which the Israeli AF downed 92 Syrian fighters just in 2 hours – (a third of the Syrian airpower and the largest dogfight in the jet age…) “9 June (1982) The Israelis launch the first of a series of attacks intended to destroy Syrian SAM system in the Lebanon”. If you would wonder what was the previous major Air Warfare chronologic event – “3 June (1982) Leaflets calling for an Argentine surrender are dropped on Port Stanley and an RAF Vulcan lands at Brazilian airport after flying from Ascension”…

Other Air Warfare events like the Entebbe raid are not even mentioned, nor could I find an image of an F-15 or F-4 Phantom…

Concerning photos – the book has quite a lot of interesting images (my reason for buying the book was a photo of an Israeli Mosquito) of tested variants of the V-1 flying bomb both in Russia and USA and other interesting historical images.

If you are looking for a good book about Air Warfare – this might not be the best choice, but if you are looking for more information or interesting images this book comes as an option. In general you will find some interesting info.

Peter G. Cooksley was a training officer in the RAF/ROC who wrote more than 20 books on aviation subjects, including VCs of the First World War: The Air VCs. He was one-time Vice President of the First World War Aviation Historians, and an Associate Member of the Royal Historical Society.

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