First Time Gardener.

By Kim Wilde

Printed: 2006

Publisher: Collins London

Edition: First edition

Dimensions 20 × 25 × 3 cm

Language: English

Size (cminches): 20 x 25 x 3

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In the original dustsheet. Binding same as the dustsheet.

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Eager to wear gardening gloves but feel lost in the garden? Full of practical tips and detailed step-by step instructions, The First-Time Gardener is the beginner’s guide to gardening. Kim Wilde turned from show biz to gardening and learned from scratch to become a recognised expert in the field. Beautifully illustrated throughout this one-stop guide will teach you the very basics of what gardening is about.

• Why gardening can be so rewarding
• Why it’s important not to expect too much too soon
• Why planning is the key

Details of each essential garden technique:
• Main soil types and the benefits/drawbacks of each
• Fundamental tools
• Guide to plant terms – demystifying words such as perennial, biennial, bulbs, rhizomes and many more

The book assumes no prior knowledge and takes you through the basics of planning a garden, choosing plants and turning your ideas into reality – including how to make the most of climbers, containers, and hanging baskets. But it will also help you assess what you’ve already got in your garden. Not all gardens should be created from scratch, as per the TV makeovers. In fact, if you can wait a while to see what happens in your new garden, then you may find you’ve inherited some weird and wonderful plants.

Contents include:
• Planning a garden
• Tips on planting, pruning and propagation
• Hard landscaping
• Choosing plants
• Taking care of your garden – digging, weeding, watering and feeding
• Gardening techniques
• Green gardening
• Growing fruit, vegetables and herbs
• Troubleshooting and pest control
• The possible pitfalls and helping you to identify
what’s gone wrong and how to resolve it

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