Chess. The Ultimate Chess Tactics and Strategies.

Printed: 2018

Publisher: JPPD Publishing.

Dimensions 15 × 23 × 1 cm

Language: English

Size (cminches): 15 x 23 x 1

Condition: As new  (See explanation of ratings)

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Softback. Brown cover with white title and chess piece on the front board.

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There are more possible games of chess than atoms in the universe. Discover how to rule the universe of chess. Chess is 1500 years old and still going strong. That’s older than any game ever invented. Do you want to know why it’s still a trend? After the second pair of turns, there are 197,742 possible games, and after three moves, 121 million. The highest number of possible chess games is INFINITE. You’re far more likely to win the lottery than ever play the same game of chess twice. Chess will never get boring… if you know how to play the game the right way. The strategies included in this revolutionary battle plan are designed to turn you into the next king of chess. The key is to always stay ahead of your opponent and know how to control the chaos on the chessboard, What looks orderly and lined up before the match starts will spiral into chaos after the first move. In chess, every piece plays an integral part in a winning strategy. You can’t miss out on the most important moves if you want to level up your chess game. Here’s what you’ll discover in this book: How to move your king safely and stay in control of the game Why losing means winning and how to lose wisely How chess trading works and why you have to sacrifice your pawn to win a queen The power of quiet moves The danger of natural moves and learn how to fight your reflexes and play with strategy Insider chess strategies used by famous chess players such as world chess champion Bobby Fischer How to play open, semi-open, closed, semi-closed, and flank games even if you have never heard those terms before How to give your game the final touch and kill your opponent’s king with secret strategies you’ve never heard before And much more… With the right strategies, everyone can become competent and level up their game.

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