Unknown Impressionists.

By Kathleen Adler

Printed: 1988

Publisher: Phaidon Press. Oxford

Edition: First edition

Dimensions 25 × 29 × 2 cm

Language: English

Size (cminches): 25 x 29 x 2

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In the original dustsheet. Grey cloth binding with red title on the spine.

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An illustrated book which reveals the work of “unknown” French Impressionists who as much as the “known” painters contributed to the style and imagery of French Impressionism. The collection of painters were all very different in character: Caillebotte, an enigmatic figure who was a wealthy patron of his contemporaries as well as a painter in his own right; Guillaumin and Vignon, friends of Pissarro who shared his vision of the misty and fertile landscape; Forain and de Nittis, who too painted the Paris demi-monde; Lepic, the gentleman jockey and greyhound fancier and Zandomeneghi, the Italian army deserter. The author also wrote “Manet” and was co-author of “Berthe Morisot”.

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