The Politically Incorrect Guide to The South.

By Clint Johnston

Printed: 2006

Publisher: Regnery Publishing. Washington, USA

Dimensions 19 × 23 × 2 cm

Language: English

Size (cminches): 19 x 23 x 2

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Softback. Cream cover with black and red title and Southern flag on the front board.

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A fascinating read with an alternative view

Far from being the backwater of prejudice and ignorance that the liberal media would have you believe, the South has always been the centre of American culture. From the founding fathers Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, and many others to the frontiersmen who tamed the West, to the country music and NASCAR-loving, Bible-thumping heart of ‘;red state’ America, the South is the quintessence of what’s original, unique, and most-loved about American culture. And with its emphasis on traditional values, family, faith, military service, good manners, small government, and independent-minded people, the South should certainly rise again.

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