The Mediterranean and Mediterranean World. 3 Vol. boxed set.

By Ferdinand Braudel

Printed: 2000

Publisher: The Folio Society. London

Dimensions 19 × 27 × 15 cm

Language: English

Size (cminches): 19 x 27 x 15

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In a matching fitted box. Green cloth binding with gilt title and decoration.

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The focus of Fernand Braudel’s great work is the Mediterranean world in the second half of the sixteenth century, but Braudel ranges back in history to the world of Odysseus and forward to our time, moving out from the Mediterranean area to the New World and other destinations of Mediterranean traders. Braudel’s scope embraces the natural world and material life, economics, demography, politics, and diplomacy.


“The Mediterranean World” comes in at a stunning 600,000 words. The average book has about 100,000 words. Originally, published in three volumes, the English edition was published in two rather thick volumes. If you are considering the second volume, I would imagine that you have already finished the first half and have enjoyed it. However, it takes some fortitude to finish the entire work.

I most enjoyed the last third of his book. This is when Braudel enters the world of people and events. This is the area of history that is most thrilling and easy to follow. It is also the segment of history that Braudel distrusts the most. He sees this ephemeral history as being the most unreliable because it is driven by human passions and memories. For the final third of his masterpiece, Braudel delivers a more conventional history. All the big events and important figures are carefully chronicled. The joy of the last third is to see how the themes of the first two thirds of the work are developed and concluded in the final third. There is a magisterial detachment that is beautiful to read.

I highly recommend the second volume to all those who have spent the time and effort to get through the first volume. All of your hard work will be richly rewarded. Highly recommended!

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