The Keys to the Temple.

By David Furlong

Printed: 1997

Publisher: Piatikus.

Dimensions 17 × 24 × 3 cm

Language: English

Size (cminches): 17 x 24 x 3

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In the original dustsheet. Black cloth binding with silver title on the spine.

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The author presents evidence about the origins of mankind using patterns of alignment in the British landscape which he claims links ancient sites and give detailed calculations which proves that a society with highly sophisticated astronomical, mathematical and surveying knowledge was living in Britain three thousand years ago.


  • David Furlong’s work aligns with the findings of Peter Harris in his book on megalithic architecture. Both books are a must for anyone interested in our distant past.

  • For those who are interested in the ancient monuments Peter Harris has discovered an ancient unit based on the square root of 2 and the system he has discovered incorporating the number 56 works with the Vessica circles identified by David Furlong.

  • This book is full of esoteric, ancient and deep knowledge, though I did not find it easy to read. I feel it is a book to pick up and use as reference, rather than read in bed. It has a treasured place in my library of esoteric books.

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