The Gunsmith's Manual.

By J P Stelle & Wm B Harrison

Printed: 1972

Publisher: The Gun Room Press. New Jersey

Edition: Limited edition reprint

Dimensions 15 × 22 × 3.5 cm

Language: English

Size (cminches): 15 x 22 x 3.5

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Brown cloth binding with gilt title on the spine and on the front board.

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A classic reprint of the original work

“Originally published in 1883, The Gunsmith s Manual is generally considered to be the first substantive work dealing with gunsmithing exclusively and in detail. A comprehensive introductory chapter, one of the manual s best qualities, provides the reader with an extensive history of the gun, including the invention of gun powder, the first rifle, and much more. Once acquainted with firearms, readers can then move on to learn how guns were made and used in the nineteenth century, as well as terms used in gunsmithing. The real meat of the book, however, is the authors detailed instruction on gun care and maintenance. Specifics are offered on tools, workbench materials and setup, metalworking, working with wooden stocks, common repairs, and the process of browning, among many other topics. You can even improve your marksmanship with these expert shooting tips for a variety of firearms.”.

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