The Good Ally.

By Nova Reid

Printed: 2021

Publisher: HQ. London

Edition: First edition

Dimensions 17 × 25 × 4.5 cm

Language: English

Size (cminches): 17 x 25 x 4.5

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In the original dustsheet. White cloth binding with silver title on the spine.

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‘I invite you to be courageous and get comfortable with being uncomfortable, because any discomfort you feel is temporary and pales in comparison to what black and brown people often have to experience on a daily basis. Are you ready? Let’s get started, we have work to do.’ The Good Ally is an urgent call to arms to become better allies against racism and provides a thoughtful approach, centring collective healing, to do so. It is a book for those against persistent racial injustice, hungry to expand their knowledge and understanding of systemic racism in Britain and beyond. It uncovers the roots of racism and its birthplace, anti-Blackness. It is for those who not only want to be able to better recognise both subtle and overt forms of racism in action, to examine their powerful role in it, but who want to know what to do about it. The answer often lies within. The Good Ally is the answer to ‘what next?’

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