The Complete Book of Chinese Horoscopes.

By Lori Reid

Printed: 1997

Publisher: Element Books. Dorset

Dimensions 22 × 28 × 2 cm

Language: English

Size (cminches): 22 x 28 x 2

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In the original dustsheet. Binding the same as the dustsheet.

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Are you a dragon or an ox: A tiger or a dog: A rat or a rooster? According to the Chinese system of horoscopes each of us is born under a different animal sign, depending on the year of our birth.


  • I love this book. This is my second copy. I use it all the time. There are books that are more detailed about the Chinese Animal traits but this is short and sweet and to the point. It is a great quick reference guide and as far as I can tell pretty darn accurate! Now some people do not display their animal characteristics as much as their western zodiac symbol but if you do, this book is a great guide. Just note that some people consider themselves a “cat” instead of a “rabbit” and cats are different from rabbits. If I could have one wish I would like an addendum to this book with “cat” in it. Those cats are a piece of work !

  • Absolutely a MUST HAVE book! I have had this book for years and I still refer to it. It has literally been one of the most accurate books when it comes to being able to get a very good overview of a person. With normal birthday horoscopes, it’s a hit or miss simply because we put so much emphasis on the Sun sign and don’t take in account all the other factors that go into ones chart. However, with Chinese Astrology, you will have a great understanding of a person by simply knowing their month and year of birth. Each animal sign is broken down into multiple parts from work, personality, as a lover, a parent, a child, etc. and it even includes a East meets West with a play on the sun sign of the animal sign. It will blow you away when you read your own sign or meet someone, get their birth date and watch as they act out their animal to the letter. It’s been an awesome tool in my life! I love it! I couldn’t imagine not having this book. It’s worth it! GET IT!

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