Swinburn's Travels.Vol. 6.The Two Scicilies.

By Henry Swinburne

Printed: 1790

Publisher: T Cadell. The Strand.

Edition: Second edition

Dimensions 14 × 22 × 4 cm

Language: English

Size (cminches): 14 x 22 x 4


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Tan calf binding, with worn gilt banding on the spine.

Travels through Spain, 1775 and 1776 was published in 1779. In 1787 it was reprinted in two octavo volumes, and in the same year a French translation by J. B. De la Borde came out at Paris. Abridgments, with engravings from some additional drawings by Swinburne, appeared in 1806 and 1813. This was the first antiquarian book in England on Spain. The Travels are cited by Edward Gibbon (Decline and Fall, chaps, ix. and x.)

The first volume of Swinburne’s Travels in the two Sicilies. 1777-1780, was published in 1783, and the second came out in 1785, with plates from Swinburne’s drawings. A second edition appeared in 1790; a French translation of them by La Borde was issued at Paris in 1785, and in the same year a German translation by J. R. Forster was published at Hamburg. At a later date La Borde translated the supplementary Journey from Bayonne to Marseilles.

There were published in 1841, under the editorship of Charles White, two volumes entitled The Courts of Europe at the close of the last Century, which consisted of the letters of Henry Swinburne, mostly on foreign life (dating from March 1774, and chiefly addressed to his brother, Sir Edward Swinburne); many of the anecdotes and statements must be read with caution (Quarterly Review, lxviii. 146-76). They were reprinted in 1895



Henry Swinburne (1743–1803) was an English travel writer.

Condition notes

Cracked hinge

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