Readings in 2 Kings.

By Ronald S Wallace

Printed: 1996

Publisher: Scottish Academic Press. Edinburgh

Edition: First Edition

Dimensions 14 × 22 × 2 cm

Language: English

Size (cminches): 14 x 22 x 2

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Softback. Cream glossy cover with blue title in black title plate.

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This copy is from the private library of Dr. Douglas Grant the late managing director of the Scottish Academic Press. SAP is a legacy brand of Frost Publishing

The Second Book of Kings narrates the decline and fall of the kingdoms of Israel and Judah, each of which had been set up by God with hope and promise. Kings II begins at a particularly low point in history. Ahaziah of Israel enters bitter conflict with God, and even Elijah, the great and trusted prophet, proves foolish and weak when called on to witness to the truth. As chapter follows chapter, the hope that a king after God’s own heart might one day rule in earthly splendour and peace in Zion begins to vanish. Jerusalem is destroyed; the captivity begins. Dr. Wallace shows how the God of hope and love presides triumphantly over every development, however perverse and foolish, as the way is prepared for the coming of the true and suffering King of Israel to his eternal throne

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