Pike and the Pike Angler.

By Fred Buller

Printed: 1986

Publisher: Stanley Paul. London

Edition: Reprint

Dimensions 19 × 25 × 3 cm

Language: English

Size (cminches): 19 x 25 x 3

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Softback. White title with picture of a pike on a black background.

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The Bible on Pike

Throughout his life Buller has made a particular study of the pike and its pursuit. In this book, he presents the results of decades of research and experience, with much extra material from the years subsequent to the publication of the original edition. The book is divided into three parts, The Fish, Great Pike, Catching Pike. Includes appendices on Norfolk pike fishing by Bill Giles, related forms of pike by E.J. Crossman, and Cooper’s Masterpieces. Chapters include: What’s in a name; Anatomy of the pike; Fossil pike; Diet; Enemies; Big waters, big fish; Pug-nosed pike; Hybrids; Pike in North America; The largest pike; The Big Pike List; The Big Pike List of Europe and North America; A chapter of errors; The Endrick pike; The great pike of Meelick; Weather; Locating pike in large waters; Do pike shoal?; Rigs, tackles, methods; Deadbaiting; Livebaiting; Spinning and wobbling; Plug fishing; Fly-fishing; Trolling and trailing; Trimmering; Rods and reels; Keeping livebaits; Pike gagging; Knots; Striking; Pike for the table.

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