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By Lisa Owens

Printed: 2016

Publisher: Picador. London

Edition: First edition

Dimensions 15 × 23 × 3.5 cm

Language: English

Signed by: Author

Size (cminches): 15 x 23 x 3.5

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In the original half dustsheet. Yellow paper binding with woman’s head on the spine.

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‘Lisa Owens is a comedy genius’ Emma Jane Unsworth, author of Animals
‘Laugh-out-loud funny’ Observer
‘Insanely funny but also moving and true’ Nathan Filer, author of The Shock of the Fall
‘A deadpan comic debut for the procrastination generation’ Guardian

Now and again we all lie awake wondering what on earth we’re doing with our lives . . . don’t we?

Claire Flannery has had more than a few sleepless nights lately. Maybe she shouldn’t have walked out of her job with no idea what to do next. Maybe she should think before she speaks — and maybe then her mother would start returning her calls. Maybe she should be spending more time going to art galleries, or reading up on current affairs, and less time in her pyjamas, entering competitions on the internet. Then again, maybe the perfect solution to life’s problems only arises when you stop looking for it . . .

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