By Xander Cansell

Printed: 2023

Publisher: Arctucus Publishing. London

Dimensions 25 × 22 × 3 cm

Language: English

Size (cminches): 25 x 22 x 3

Condition: As new  (See explanation of ratings)

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Softback. White cover with coloured title and diagrams.

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This highly-visual, full-colour guide covers everything taught on an MBA course, perfect for MBA students, business managers or aspiring entrepreneurs.

Filled with flow diagrams, timelines, case studies and infographics, this accessible book presents information in an easy-to-digest way. It covers the curriculum taught in all the top business schools around the world, including economics, strategy and marketing, with real-life case studies to show the theory in practice.

Chapters include:

• Micro & Macroeconomics: supply and demand, GDP, monetary policy…

• Data Analysis & Statistics: data collection, probability distributions, P-values…

• Marketing & Setting Prices: brand development, pricing, digital marketing…

• Strategy: strategic analysis, international strategy, the value chain…

This is the perfect guide to help you achieve a successful career in business management.

ABOUT THE SERIES: Get the knowledge of a degree for the price of a book with Arcturus Publishing’s A Degree in a Book series. Written by experts in their fields, these highly visual guides feature flow diagrams, infographics, handy timelines, information boxes, feature spreads and margin annotations, allowing readers to get to grips with complex subjects in no time.

About the Author – Xander Cansell spent a number of years working in publishing before completing an EMBA. He currently works as a business consultant, with experience building digital projects, developing commercial web applications and consulting at exciting startups.

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