Jade. Blue Hippopotamus.

Age: 21st century

Condition: Excellent

Size (cminches): 13 x 4 x 7

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Blue jade hippopotamus.

History & Provenance

Blue jade is actually a variety of jadeite, one of the two uniquely different minerals, which share the name Jade. Nephrite is a kind of calcium magnesium silicate that has a smooth surface polish and a waxy sheen, commonly in the shades of white, mid to deep olive green, black or brown. On the other hand, jadeite is a kind of sodium aluminium silicate, lustrous and hard, much rarer than the nephrite –and commonly lavish. Blue jade is said to be a stone of serenity and peace. It restores and calms, like a veil of the slow-moving clouds that cover the moon. This talisman is spiritual –it may range in colour from pale up to mid-blue, sometimes, the pale bluish-green, and is extensively used in tempering emotional disturbance, as well as restore equilibrium.

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