Improving Animal Welfare. A Practical Approach.

By Temple Grandin

Printed: 2015

Publisher: Collins. London

Edition: Second edition

Dimensions 19 × 25 × 2.5 cm

Language: English

Size (cminches): 19 x 25 x 2.5

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Glossy blue binding with title on the and picture of a sitting calf on the front board.

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“(There) sometimes appear publications which are worthy of specific attention. (they) stimulate, instruct and present new concepts. Among such books belongs the reviewed book. we can only hope that this successful work gets to the hands of those in the field.” Agricultura Tropica et Subtropica “This book should be a must read for agricultural and veterinary students and a reference book for those policy making to guide us in the simple things that can make such a big difference to the quality of life of our production animals.” Veterinary Record Completely revised, updated, and with four new chapters including sustainability, new technologies, precision agriculture, and the future of animal welfare, the third edition of this highly successful textbook. Emphasizes throughout the importance of measuring conditions that compromise welfare, such as lameness, heat stress, body condition, and bruises during transport Includes four new chapters covering contemporary key topics in animal welfare Combines scientific information with practical recommendations for use in commercial operations Reviews practical information on livestock handling, euthanasia, slaughter, pain relief, and assessments of abnormal behaviour Improving Animal Welfare: a Practical Approach remains essential reading for students and practitioners of ethology, animal and veterinary science, veterinary medicine, as well as those working directly with farm animals and committed to improving their welfare. Completely revised, updated and with four new chapters on sustainability, new technologies, precision farming and the future of animal welfare, the second edition of this highly successful textbook by an internationally recognized expert is for students of ethology and animal science.

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