Has the Bible Changed?

By Dan Wickwire

Printed: 2016

Publisher: Aneko Press.

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Language: English

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Muslims all over the world are ignoring the message of the New Testament because their teachers say its text has been corrupted. Yet very few of them have checked to see whether what their teachers say is true. – David Byle, chairman of the Bible Correspondence Course in Turkey (bccturkey.org)

What does it take to persuade an entire Islamic nation to recall and rewrite their religious education materials in order to no longer teach that the Bible has been changed? Only one thing: the Qur’an itself. The Qur’an clearly states that the Bible has not been changed and, even more shockingly, says that anyone who teaches that the Bible has been changed is in fact doomed to hell.

This book, Has the Bible Been Changed?, was the reason that in 1996 the Department of Religious Affairs in Turkey recalled their existing teaching materials. As you explore these pages, you will see exactly what the Qur’an says that is so powerful that even Islamic leaders are caused to reverse course. But this book is not persuasive with many words. Rather, it shows the reader Scripture verses and other pertinent facts that will help lead one to the ultimate Truth, that there is indeed only one God, and the way to Him is through His Son, Jesus Christ. It behooves you to read this book to know that you can put your faith and confidence in the entire Bible, that it is indeed the unchangeable, inerrant Word of God.

And we did give Moses the guidance and made the Children of Israel to inherit the Scripture. A guide and a reminder for men of understanding (Mu’min 40:53-54).

Review: Muslims don’t make the rules. God told us where the mix up is. The Bible is not false and the original one is still preserved. It will disappear along with all Qurans before the final hour.


Jesus’ enemies conspired to crucify him but Allah said to him. “Be assured! their conspiracy will not succeed. You will fulfil your mission and die a natural death(5:77). You will be exalted. I will absolve you to the allegations levelled against you and take you far away from the grip of these conspirators. At present your followers appear to be weak, but eventually they will overcome their enemies and remain victorious for a long time.”

“Keep this in mind that such disputes and confrontation are ultimately settled according to My Law of Mukaf’at.”


Say to the Ahl-ul-Kit’ab “Do not exceed the limits of your Deen (4:171) and do not say anything about it except the truth. Do not follow the desires of those who had gone astray in the past, had led many others astray and are still straying from the right path.”


O Ahl-ul-Kit’ab do not exceed the limits prescribed by your Deen (i.e. keep everyone in his proper place 5:77). Speak nothing but the truth about Allah. The Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, is nothing but a Rasool from Allah who was raised according to Allah’s Law which was conveyed to Mary. His teachings were based upon revelation which was the source of his strength. So you believe in Allah and His Rusul, including Jesus and do not believe in the “Trinity.” If you refrain believing in the latter it will be good for you. Bear in mind that Allah is the only authority, far above the concept of having a son (as already stated 2:116). All the universe is busy in accomplishing His Plan and He is sufficient as a Guardian.


Ask the Christians: “How can you justify your belief in Allah when you conceive Him as having a son. You have brought Allah to the level of human beings who stand in need of progeny as helpers. Nay, He is far above this concept. His is, all that is in the heavens and the earth and everything therein devoutly follows His Laws. Allah is Omnipotent and has brought such a colossal universe into existence from nothingness. His manner of creation is that when He decides to create a particular thing, the process of its coming into existence begins at once.” The possessor of such powers has no requirement for a son.


There are those who believe that Allah has a son. Reflect deeply over this. Allah brought all universe into existence from nothingness. This was obviously not subject to the law of causation. Once the universe had been created, however, this law came into operation. The law relating to procreation requires the cohabitation of male and female.” How could Allah have a son when He has no wife?”

This is being said by Allah who has created everything and knows everything.


Our Rabb is sublime and exalted. He has neither a wife nor a son. (Such beliefs of ours were based on whims, which we now denounce.)

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