Greek Wine Jug, Smaller Size.

Age: 400 BC

Condition: Excellent

Size (cminches): 9 x 8 x 13


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Item information


Sand coloured pottery single handled jug.  Black painted glaze with white, cream and red painted decoration round middle and neck. Flat strap type handle with shaped in top lip of jug.

History & Provenance

Athenian era. Ancient Greek Gnathian Ribbed Oinochoe An Ancient Greek terracotta oenochoe from the South Italian Apulian region. Glazed entirely with black pigment. Grape decoration in yellow ochre decorates the neck, whilst vertical ribs adjourns the majority of the belly. A thick handle leads from the rim to the middle of the jug. The entire vase rests on a small foot. Date: Circa 3rd century BC Provenance: Private collection, F.B.A. Collection acquired by descent Condition: Very good.

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