Church Services.

Printed: 1841

Publisher: B Collingwood & Co. Oxford

Dimensions 8 × 12 × 5 cm

Language: English

Size (cminches): 8 x 12 x 5

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Brown leather binding. Gilt title on the spine. Brass clasp to close. Gilt on all page edges.

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United Church of England and Ireland; Act of Union, 1801, united the Church of England and the Church of Ireland under the name of United Church of England and Ireland. The union was dissolved by the Irish Church Act of 1869 and each reverted to its original name.

The national churches of England, Ireland, and Scotland, 1801-1846, 2002: page 2 (In 1801, there were, properly speaking, two established Churches in the United Kingdom–the Episcopal United Church of England and Ireland and the Presbyterian Church of Scotland. The United Church of England and Ireland was a recent innovation, created by clause V of the Act of Union of 1801, which had combined the respective establishments of England and Ireland ‘into one Protestant Episcopal Church’ whose ‘doctrine, discipline and government’ were to ‘remain in full force for ever’. However, this ecclesiastical union was more a project for the future than a present reality. The conditions and circumstances of the two Churches were so different that for purposes of parliamentary legislation, and in the eyes of most observers, they were separate institutions. It was more accurate to speak of three established Churches, corresponding to the three historic kingdoms)


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