Anders Lassen. VC, MC of the SAS.

By Mike Langley

Printed: 1988

Publisher: New English Library. London

Edition: First edition

Dimensions 15 × 23 × 2.5 cm

Language: English

Size (cminches): 15 x 23 x 2.5

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In the original dustsheet. Green cloth binding with gilt title on the spine.

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The story of Anders Lassen is one of the most amazing and heroic of the Second World War – indeed in the history of the British armed services. He was awarded no less than three Military Crosses and the SAS regiment’s only Victoria Cross. From the day he stalked and killed a stag armed only with a knife, Lassen had been recognized as quite unique. He took part in a series of extraordinary strikes against the Axis powers in West Africa, Normandy, the Channel Islands, the Aegean and Greece, the Balkans and, finally, in Italy. This classic biography of a remarkable warrior, which was first published in 1988, is based on interviews with Lassen’s fellow soldiers and a wealth of original research. It covers each stage of Lassen’s short, brilliant career in vivid detail and offers a penetrating insight into the exceptional courage, confidence and single-minded motivation that lay behind Lassen’s extraordinary exploits. Mike Langley also reconstructs, using the testimony of survivors, the operation in which Lassen was killed and for which he was awarded the Victoria Cross.

Review: For many years, I travelled between Portsmouth and Plymouth, on naval business. I would often stop, for a pint or a meal, at the ‘World’s End’ pub in Dorset, oblivious to its history.

I enjoyed this book and it passes my Beach Read Test – indeed, it really should be read on a beach. The authors have done a great job with this biography – particularly when it comes to covering the action that surrounded the hero. And it also explains the makings of a man who could float around a battlefield.

Who would enjoy this? Any Dane. Anyone interested in special forces’ operations. Anyone who’s enjoyed the film ‘Sea Wolves’. And anyone interested in researching the subject of courage.

The pub? I found out here that it was Anders Lassen’s ‘local’.

Mike Langley, who died in 2006, was best known as a sports writer for the Daily Mirror. He won five major awards for his journalism and was the author of three successful books on soccer. His newspaper career was preceded by sailing on D-Day as an 18-year-old volunteer in a special service unit that saw action during the Normandy campaign. His biography of Anders Lassen is the only full account of Lassen’s life and exploits in English.

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