An Introduction to Viking Mythology.

By John Grant

Printed: 2007

Publisher: Eagle Editions. Royston

Dimensions 22 × 28 × 1 cm

Language: English

Size (cminches): 22 x 28 x 1

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Softback. White title on river image of a viking boat on the cover.

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From the Introduction of this 128-page book: “Viking mythology is Norse mythology, and Norse mythology is in turn the best recorded version of Teutonic mythology. The Vikings were a Teutonic people who established themselves in Scandinavia between the late 8th century and the middle of the 11th century. They were characterized by a mixture of great chivalry and barbaric cruelty. Their gods dictated that men should be almost inhumanly brave in death, and so it was a token of respect to a defeated foe to give him the maximum latitude to display his bravery. In this respect the Vikings did, though, show a great deal of honesty: should one of their number be submitted to similar tortures it was expected of him that he should bear them without undue complaint, and should bear no grudge into the afterlife against his tormentors. Even the most warlike of the Vikings did pay lip-service to an ethical system. The mythology which the Norse people have left us has had a powerful affect on our imaginations. The list of modern fiction based on Norse mythology is long. Viking mythology is not a single continuous story; instead it is a set of stories – many of them very good ones – that relate to each other only with difficulty.” From the rear cover: “The whole range of Viking Mythology covered, including gods, goddesses, and the afterlife. Over 100 full-colour illustrations, including Viking artifacts; Compelling myths and legends told in a lively style.”

John Grant is the author of more than seventy books, including the critically acclaimed Discarded Science, Corrupted Science, and Bogus Science. In addition to his popular science writing, Grant is a prolific science fiction and fantasy writer. He has won two Hugo Awards, the World Fantasy Award, the Locus Award, and a number of other international literary awards. He coedited with John Clute The Encyclopædia of Fantasy and wrote all three editions of The Encyclopædia of Walt Disney’s Animated Characters; both encyclopaedias are standard reference works in their field. Under his real name, Paul Barnett, he has written several books and run the world-famous fantasy-art-book imprint Paper Tiger, for this latter work winning a Chesley Award and a nomination for the World Fantasy Award. For more on this prolific author, see

Review: The author spent much time making certain each portion was 1) accurate and 2) understandable to all readers. Although Bullfinch’s Mythology is most likely the book all other mythology tomes are graded by, this one deserves to be very near the top. Good job and a book that is enjoyable to read.

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